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"Where Should I Stay In Turks And Caicos?" - #loadedquestion

Updated: Aug 25

Are you considering Turks and Caicos as your next vacay spot? Have you been perusing all the beautiful beaches and daydreaming of the moment you step off the plane into Paradise only to have it obliterated by the daunting task of choosing where to stay? Well, fear not! We’re here to give you our two cents worth on navigating your accommodation choices.

One of the most popular questions we get asked from first time Turks and Caicos Travellers, is “Where should we stay?" Sadly, there's no quick answer, it’s a loaded question! This entry is to give you a little insight in that you can’t go wrong where you stay. It’s simply up to you and your preferences. But, hopefully this entry will make your decision easier.

If it's reviews you're interested in, by all means, check our "Accommodation Reviews" section. There we'll share our thoughts and reviews on recent places we've stayed along with some further insight to various resorts on The Island. Also, we've included a selection of hotels/resorts to the bottom of this post for varying budgets.

Let’s face it, when you first think about a vacation in Turks and Caicos, the immediate thought that comes to mind is turquoise water. And more specifically, Grace Bay Beach. It’s been voted Number One Beach in The World on multiple occasions and rightly so! It’s fair to say, you’re likely wanting to be as close to it as possible.

Whether you’re wanting Five Star Luxury or Budget Friendly accommodations, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Note: "This page contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) should you book or purchase something from our site. Please know any items linked below are all our own recommendations."

Tip All the resorts along Grace Bay Beach have plenty to offer regardless of price range. You can’t go wrong with whichever choice you make.

When we travel, we’re like most people out there. We don’t have silly money to throw around us like celebrity superstars. We’re %100 looking for the best bargain with the most to offer. We want to travel several times in the year, so we must make smart decisions when booking accommodations etc. We want to have the best experience every time we travel while still enjoying all the little lux extras, we just have to be smart about it. This is exactly how we approached our first trip to The Island.

The Palapas at The Sands Resort

Just like you, we had read the articles about insane prices for groceries and liquor etc. and were hoping to find somewhere decent to stay for a little less to help offset the higher costs of food and beverage and still have enough fun money for excursions and a rental car. We knew things were more expensive and budgeted accordingly to give us the best options for our trip.

We really wanted to stay at a resort for our first trip. That was our priority. Be right on the beach and near as much as possible.

Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting under a beach umbrella, listening to the waves while sipping on a delicious slushy drink? We set our sights on the center of Grace Bay and worked our way outwards from there. We weren’t looking for an All Inclusive though, we wanted to explore and sample as many of the incredible restaurants we had read about. At that time, there were only two All Inclusive options, Beaches and Club Med, so it wasn’t difficult finding suitable options.

After comparing what seemed like every single Resort, we ended up focusing on The Sands and The Alexandra Resort (The Alexandra wasn’t All Inclusive back then) and kept coming back to their websites to check for further discounts or offers. At the same time, we had also started looking at Villa Rental options, just to compare prices and amenities etc. We obviously didn’t know our way around The Island at this point, but figured, if we found a Villa close to the Resorts, we would consider it.

Drinks on our patio at The Alexandra
From that search, we ended up stumbling across privately owned rentals within the two resorts we had been looking at!

This was ultimately the route we took. The rates for our two week stay at The Alexandra through the private rental were less than booking directly with the total nightly rate. For us, this was the best option to suit our needs. While we wouldn’t benefit from daily housekeeping service or charging meals to our room, this wasn’t a deal breaker as we still received a mid week full cleaning and anything we would’ve charged to our room would have gone on our credit card anyways, so we just charged directly to the card. We still had the luxury of all The Resorts amenities (though I believe this has changed somewhat now) and in room luxuries such as a full kitchen, washer and dryer and a balcony with A VIEW. And most importantly, we still had access to beach beds with umbrellaaaaaaaas!!!

If you find a resort you like, perhaps check to see if they allow private rentals and then do a search on VRBO or Air BnB. You might save a few dollars along the way. Not all the resorts host private ownership but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget. Regardless if you’re travelling as a couple or group, most resorts offer studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and penthouse suites.

We fully enjoyed our first few visits to The Island booking rentals in The Resorts. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers and talk to staff for tips on 'must do' things around The Island. In fact, every time we visit now, we always go back to The Alexandra to visit some of the staff we made friends with on those first few trips. We mean it when we tell you the locals are awesome!!

Out for a float at The Alexandra Resort

So where do we stay now? Well, having been coming back for many years, we thankfully know our way around The Island a little better. Now we usually tend to rent guest houses in the Leeward Community or Central Grace Bay area. Still super close to the water and a quick drive to nearest watering hole! And if you’ve seen our other blog posts, you’ve seen how much we pack so we’re never without our beach day essentials so we don't feel like we're missing out on resort amenities. We still head to all the resorts for meals and beach days and of course, to do some much needed quality control on ALL the rum punch on The Island…!

There are amazing guest house/villa rentals to be found around The Island. We’re not just talking the multi million-dollar luxury villas, but affordable, beautiful Island homes where you can relax and enjoy the comings and goings of the day at your leisure. Don’t be afraid to do some research, rent a car and explore! Like we’ve said time and time again, your first visit won’t be your last, so don’t stress too much about your first accommodations. You’ll quickly see how easy it is to get around The Island and you’ll be eager to book your next trip!

ReminderThere are no private beaches. All the beaches are public and have public beach access. So don’t feel that if you’re staying in a Villa away from the beach you won’t be able to go to the best beaches. You absolutely can! And likely within a couple minutes walk or drive.

For those who definitely prefer a hotel/resort stay, check out some of these

hotels on TripAdvisor for varying budgets:

All hotels listed in this selection are centrally located on Grace Bay Beach, have free wifi and parking, and have on site restaurants, some with more than one.

Prices vary daily so please keep in mind that some may be higher or lower in pricing than what this list displays, depending on what your search dates are.


Lower Price Range:

The Sands At Grace Bay - Popular for families.

Royal West Indies Resort - Popular for families and couples.


Mid Price range:

Seven Stars Resort - Popular for families, couples and weddings. Also boasts a fabulous spa.

The Palms - Popular for families, couples and weddings. Also boasts a fabulous spa.


High End Price Range:

Grace Bay Club - Still popular for families and couples with separate adults only pool section.

The Ritz-Carlton - The newest hotel in Provo. Still popular for families and couples with separate adults only pool section. The Ritz is not currently among the top 10 on TripAdvisor but still popular for a centrally located, high end splurge centrally located on Grace Bay.

Feel free to email us with any questions you have about the above hotels.

You can reach us through the Contact Us page or email us at corksandtacos@gmail.com


We hope this gives you a little insight to booking your trip to Turks and Caicos. If you’re on a budget, there’s definitely ways to save.

If your budget is unlimited, get out there and book the best view your money can buy!

Either way, you will not be disappointed….THAT we can guarantee.


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