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What To Pack!! - So many clothes so little....you get it.

Updated: Feb 6

Especially when traveling to somewhere you’ve never been, the thought of what to pack always causes a bit of anxiety. “Will I need this, will I need that?”” Do I need these shoes, what about high heels?” “What if there’s a cool day?” “Is it supposed to rain?” You know exactly what we’re talking about don’t you?

Being one of those who habitually over packs, it only took me six visits to The Island to fully realize I didn’t need half of what was in my suitcase. Even with Byron rolling his eyes at me every trip saying “do you really think you’re going to need that?” I’d still be in shock that he’d think I didn’t??? LOLOL So yes, I’ve been dragging around a ridiculously heavy suitcase for years and coming home with half of my clothes unworn…..

I’m happy to report that now, my suitcase is only half the weight it used to be which means……


Here’s a great thing for over packers when you travel to Turks and Caicos. Whether you’re staying at a resort or a villa, it’s more than likely your accommodation comes equipped with an ‘in room’ washer and dryer!! YES! It's true!! A quick cold wash mid week will freshen up all your clothes keeping them fresh for the rest of your stay. And that my friends, makes your packing quick and easy!

Here’s a simple, basic packing list for your next trip! If you have these few items packed, you'll be more than set for wherever your vacation in Paradise takes you.

Use this as a starting guide if nothing else, but we're sure you'll enjoy the lighter luggage load.



  • 3 Swimsuits (at least) and however many cover ups you like.

  • 3-4 Easy to dress up summer dresses and/or maxi dresses

  • 1 Light weight cardigan or shawl

  • 1 Pair of Capris and/or leggings

  • 1 Pair of jeans

  • 1 Cute shorts

  • Couple of cute lightweight tops

  • Couple of T-shirts

  • 2-3 Pairs of flip flops - one for the beach and the others for the rest of your outfits

  • 1 Strappy sandals or wedge heel - To dress up those dresses if you like.

  • 1 Runners or water shoes if you’re heading out on adventures


  • 3 Swim trunks

  • 3-4 Casual dress shorts

  • 3-4 Lightweight button up shirts long or short sleeved (you’ll want to roll up the long sleeves)

  • 4 T shirts

  • 1 Dressy jeans and/or nice pair of casual pants

  • 2 Pairs of flip flops – a pair for the beach and a pair to go for dinner in

  • 1 Fancy shoes – To dress up those jeans or casual pants.

  • 1 Runners or water shoes if you’re heading out on adventures

In general, The Island is very casual and well, “Islandy”. The vibe is very easy going as you’d expect from any Caribbean Island. As a rule of thumb, we approach our restaurant choices with a “smart casual” mindset and go from there.

There are some fantastic high end restaurants on The Island, that if you want to get fully dolled up and decked out for, go for it! There’s some fabulous Island Resort Glam to be seen! But for the most part, jazzing up your smart causal outfits with some accessories is more than acceptable.

Also, keep in mind that most dining options are outside. You’ll want to stay cool and comfortable. Remember this when choosing which outfits to pack.

BEACH ETIQUETTE TIP: One little side note. While the above info is mostly catered to evening dining, lets face it, you’ll likely be at the beach for lunch most days, it’s important to remember that not everyone who’s heading to the restaurants for breakfast or lunch have spent their day at the beach. As a courtesy to those non-beaching patrons please remember this little Beach Etiquette Tip; Cover your bums when dining out. No matter how casual the restaurant or beach bar is, just dry yourself off and throw on your cover up and/or t shirt before sitting down to order. The locals diners will appreciate this small courtesy.

We hope this entry has relieved a little anxiety on what to pack! If so, get those flights booked and start packing!

Simple packing goes a long way....

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