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Beach Please! - Our TOP 10 Beach Day items

Let’s hit the beach! You’ve got your beach bag packed with all the beach basics; sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and lots of water. But have you got those little extras that make your beach day THE BEST beach day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

When we head to the beach, we like to bring along a few extra comforts of home. We may be a little over the top and we don't necessarily travel light, but we always have a great day at the beach.

Check out our TOP TEN beach essentials that make every beach day THE BEST beach day.

Number 10

PADDLE BALL – Not that you get tired of sitting in the sun for hours watching the day pass you by. Nor do you get tired of floating mindlessly in the crystal-clear waters. But sometimes you want to challenge your friends or significant others to a light hearted/full on competitive game of paddle ball! What better way to burn off a few rum punch calories than a game of “Loser Buys The Next Round” paddle ball?

Number 9

SNORKEL GEAR – While a lot of the resorts and vacation rentals supply snorkel gear, you may want to pack your own. The rental gear is washed thoroughly and very clean, but we prefer taking our own full face snorkel masks to use whenever we feel like it and not have to pay any extra service fees. We love the ease of the full face mask as opposed to the goggles and mouth piece. Both are great, we just find the full face to be a little less awkward, especially if you're not an avid snorkeler.

Number 8

LIFE VEST – So, a little unknown fact about me is that I’m not a good swimmer. I can doggie paddle to survive in the shallows, but I’d never trust my self in deeper water. That being said, I LOVE the water! With so much beauty to be seen under the surface there’s no way I’m missing out on any of it. I always pack my inflatable life vest and head off with Byron who’s a much stronger swimmer. Thankfully the waters are usually nice and calm, maybe a few waves, but never unmanageable. I strongly urge anyone who’s a little afraid to swim out further than their comfort zone, to purchase a life vest so as not to miss out on any of the incredible marine life below. Pick up one like this for easy packing at Amazon.

Number 7

REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN – Please do the reef system this one favor. Pay a little extra to purchase reef safe sunscreen. With Turks and Caicos being home to the third largest reef system in the world, it would be a shame not to do all we can to protect it. It's up to us to keep Turks and Caicos "Beautiful By Nature." Every little bit helps. Do a google search in your area to find store locations near you. Your sunscreen should say Octinoxate and Oxybenzone Free. Check out The Walking Mermaid on Pinterest for a guide to buying reef safe sunscreens. Also, ask your local swim shops and dive shops. If you live near the water you'll have no problem sourcing some. For those of us who are landlocked, we may have to order online or search a little harder locally but with more and more attention to our planet, it's becoming quite readily available in most areas. The Ocean will thank you.

Number 6

DRINKING GLASSES – Please bring your own reusable drink glasses and straws (if you need one). Or as we like to call them; Hydration Transportation Vessels....LOL. With so much plastic polluting the oceans, be an enviro-conscious beach goer and bring your own cups. Even the beach bars will serve your drinks in your reusable cups. There are so many options for reusable cups nowadays, you'll have no problem finding the perfect one for your beach day. If you bring your own glass, there’s zero risk of a quick breeze taking another plastic cup for a dip in the ocean. The turtles and fish will thank you.

Number 5

ROLL UP TABLE – Maybe we sound over the top with this one, but we absolutely love our roll up table!! It’s the perfect beach day accessory. It's not too big, a great size to hold your drinks and a few snacks, and it rolls up into a convenient sized carry bag. You’re not having to dig in and out of bags or get in and out of your beach chair every time you need something. It also keeps the sand out of your drinks and nibbles which is an added bonus. It’s really become one of our favorite beach day must haves.

Number 4

BEACH CHAIRS – Most vacation rental properties supply you with a couple of beach chairs to take on your travels, which is great! However, if you’re staying at a resort and want to explore the other incredible beaches of Turks and Caicos, say Taylor Bay or Pelican Beach, you might want to consider picking up a beach chair at the local supply stores. Honestly, for $25.00 it’ll be money well spent. While the sand is soft and luxurious, it’s always nice to have a clean and clear place to sit without worrying about getting sand on your beach towel or those pesky little sand fleas. Keep it handy in the back of your car and enjoy a little beach comfort on every adventure.

Number 3

COOLER – Whether you’re packing water to stay hydrated or a cold one for the day, you should always have a cooler to do just that….keep your drinks cool. Plus your cooler is a handy spot throw in a few snacks. Soft sided, collapsible coolers are the way to go. Pick one up before you jet off and slide it into your luggage. You can purchase them from a few shops on the island, but you’ll pay a lot less for one if you purchase one from home, plus you'll have a larger range to choose from. If you're staying at a vacation rental, ask the owners if they have one on the property. You'll be glad of a cold refreshment or two throughout the day.

Number 2

BEACH TENT – With clear blue skies and sun for days, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected from the sun or at least have a little space for shade. If you’re not renting a beach chair and umbrella, you should consider a pop up beach tent. Not only does it provide you with shade, it also creates a safer place to keep your beach bag, nap sack and other items you don’t want to leave out in the open. While The Island is safe, it gives you more reassurance when you’re out swimming in the gorgeous turquoise waters or off for a quick snorkel. The current tent we travel with is our favorite one to date. It’s a little larger than the usual pop up tent, and you’ll likely have to check it in as baggage, but it's been the best tent we've used so far.


FLOATIE – EVERYONE NEEDS A FLOATIE! Oh my gosh, we’d be lost without our inflatable beach noodles! No matter where we are, some one always asks where we got them. Well the secret is out! The Dollar Store! Why spend over $25.00 on beach floaties (that may burst), when you can buy one or two inflatable noodles for $3.00CANADIAN (approx $2.00USD)! Throw a few in your case and if one bursts on a beach adventure, oh well, there’s another one ready to go! They are so amazing!! They create the perfect little armchair for you to relax and enjoy the day in the water. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR FLOATIES! Don’t let go of your floatie in the water and keep it secure when you’re on the beach. They fly away and they fly away fast. It’s always disappointing to lose your floatie but more disappointing that it’s now polluting the ocean putting marine life is at risk. Always mind your noodle..HA!

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